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City Tour + Movie Star Home (Limo Tour 1)
This tour is a combination of Limo Tour #1 and Limo Tour #3. It includes the Tour of Los Angeles and the Movie Star Homes Tour.
  4 hour tour
Price : $395 / private
City Tour of Los Angeles (Limo Tour 2)
City Tour of Los Angeles is the grand tour of Los Angeles. Stop at the Farmers Market at The Grove. Find out what is going on at the Disney Concert Hall. You will get to see where O.J.Simpson got tried, not to mention the famous Pershing Square. Drive by the Famous places that define Los Angeles and learn why the city is calledthe City of Angels.
  2 1/2 hour tour
Price : $245 / private
Movie Stars Homes (Limo Tour 3)
Your lively narrated Limo Tour will include the famous Rodeo Drive, one of the world? most famous,most glamorous thoroughfares, Rodeo Drive entices, charms and entertains with a collection of spectacular boutiques. As you cruise in the limousine along Rodeo Drive, you?l recognize the name of every single store-bijan, Tiffany& Co., Cartier, Gucci, Prada, Luis Vuitton. Fantasize and star-gaze...

Then your limo will take you down the sunset Strip where you will see Dan Aykroyd? House of Blues, Justin Timberlake? restaurant Chi, Johnny Depp? Viper Room. See where Wynona Ryder had her shoplifting spree and where Richard Gere stayed in Pretty Woman or cruise by Melrose and see where Christina Aguilara buys her lingerie.

Your limo tour will take you to the famous movie star homes of Ozzy Osborne, Keanu Reeves, Eddie Murphy, Prince of Bel Air, Halle Berry, Leonardo Di?aprio, Jack Nicholson, and movie star homes of Alfred Hitchcock, Nicholas Cage, Dr. Phil, Madonna. See where one of the legendary Beatles lives, see the home of Columbo and the last home of Frank Sinatra and many more...

Drive by The Playboy Mansion, where Hugh Hefner lives with his Playmates, see the location where Tori Spelling was married and cruise by Baby face? mansion. See the empty love nest where Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston has planned on raising a family. You will see Elvis Presley? last LA home and visit one of the most filmed mansions in Los Angeles, the Greystone Mansion : Grounds of this 18.5- acre landmark is familiar as a famous Movie backdrop. and learn of the scandal that took place there.

Lastly, you will get out of the Limousine and take pictures of the famous Hollywood Sign at the Yamashiro Restaurant (in the Hollywood Hills) which has a fantastic overview of the city of Los Angeles and the famous Hollywood Sign. And to wrap it all up, you will finish the tour by cruising past by the place where the first Oscars were held and where we hold the Oscars now and learn how an actor/ actress gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  2 hour tour
Price : $195 / private
Night Tour of Los Angeles (Limo Tour 4)
See LA by the Night and find out who really comes out and parties in the City of Angeles. Check out the chic places on Sunset Strip and Melrose in the Night. Visit the infamous Viper Room and the House of Blues. Cruise down Hollywood Blvd while you?e drinking a glass of wine in the limousine.
  4 hour tour
Price : $345 / private
Hollywood Sign Tour (Limo Tour 5)
No one goes closer to the world famous Hollywood Sign than Top Tour & Limo. Go up close and personal and take a picture by the Holllywood Sign. Learn the living history of one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Also see the "Story Book Houses" that made "HOLLYWOODLAND" great.
  1 1/2 hour tour
Price : $185 / private
Super Shopping Tour + Malibu Beach (Limo Tour 6)
Shop til you drop at the Camarillo Premium Outlet (160 shopping stores), stop over by the Malibu Colony and see the points of interest along the way. Drive by the Playboy Mansion and get to know where Ozzy Osborne lives, etc.
  6 hour tour
Price : $475 / private
VIP Private Tours (Limo Tour 7)
Customize a tour to suit you Ask for Our Special Rates
  Price : Movie star home tour $245 / private
Price : Grand city tour $395 / private
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